Paul Damixie and Lee Heart are very enthusiastic about every concert they have. Because they’re so addicted to the adrenaline in their shows, they wanted to share with you how the world looks like when you’re up on the stage. Find out how everything started for them, what are the most powerful memories they have from the stage and what makes them feel so attached to the Radio Killer fans.

Paul Damixie

A few days ago, Lee Heart told me I become a completely different person when I walk up to the music rack. I had never thought about it before, but I realized she was right. When I’m up on stage, I become the DJ of the party and I get totally absorbed in the character. I do anything it takes to make people have a good time.

I’ll never forget the day when, for the first time, I mixed music in a club filled with people. I was 15 or 16 years old, I was super nervous and I couldn’t hear anything but what was coming out of my buttons. Everything was in slow motion and I was all alone with my players and my mixer. Just like in the movies.

Today, when I’m with Lee Heart and we receive energy from the Radio Killer public, I realize we’ve managed to send out the right vibe, the spirit that makes us go up on stage with so much pleasure.

We knew we were going to be dedicated to music, not to show-business, ever since we joined this project. Our international success took us by surprise and was totally unexpected. One morning, I checked my phone and I saw a text message from Smiley: “Boy, we’re no.1 in UK”. I couldn’t believe it, we were no.1 in the Music Week Club chart from UK.

Many other charts and concerts around the world followed, but we remained dedicated to our music. Success didn’t change us; it made us more aware that we’re on the right track, that this is the way our messages can reach the hearts of our fans.

Recently, Vojslav, a 15 year old from Switzerland, wrote us that we’re his favorite band. How can you not be happy when you have the confirmation that your music and positive energy have reached their target?

We have so much fun when we’re up on stage, that we feel really strange when we happen to stay at home on a weekend. It’s too quiet, too peaceful; I need the effervescence before the show. The stage and Radio Killer are part of me.

Lee Heart

It may sound like a cliché but, ever since I was a child, I knew I wanted to be on stage. I took canto lessons since I was ten and I worked every day to get where I am today.

I’m sure I will never forget the day when I was up on stage with Black Eyed Peas. I was only 17 and I was sitting backstage, with my heart beating really strong. When they called my name on the microphone, the madness started. Everything was like a dream and I woke up only at the end, when we all hugged each other.

Radio Killer’s success was also just like a dream. I was shocked when I found out that we’re no.1 in UK and Spain; that we made it to the BBC Radio 1 playlist; that we’re playing in France, Italy, Germany, Latvia, Russia and Switzerland. I didn’t know how to react and I still can’t believe all of this is really happening.

The intensity we feel on stage is unbelievable. We try to spread all our positive energy because we want our public to be happy and free, just like us. I’ve always wanted to use music to express everything I feel. This is exactly what is happening to me now and I don’t know what I could compare this feeling with; perhaps with the adrenaline you feel when you’re parachuting.

For us, each concert brings a new lesson or a new experience on stage. For example, in Naples, Italy, we received the most unique applauses. The public surprised us because it was formed mainly out of football fans. During the show, they sang, they applauded and they did waves, just like on a stadium. We were very impressed by their dedication.

I’m happy our music is well received both in Pascani and in Paris, both in Harlau and in Naples. People have fun with Radio Killer and they’re always open and receptive, no matter where we are in the world. Each time we go up on stage, I can’t wait to talk to the public and sing together.

The feelings we get in a concert are addictive. Paul is right, when we’re not on stage it feels like we’re not ourselves. Our place is on the stage, with you, because we can’t let the music end.

Photos by Mihnea Ratte

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