Radio Killer returned early this month from Miami where they took part in Ultra Music Festival, a very popular festival in the American musical industry. Over the years, Ultra Music Festival brought together artists like Tiesto, Above & Beyond, Armin van Buuren and Avicii.

The two Killers were invited in backstage with Markus Schulz, one of the international artists who collaborated with HaHaHa Production for his latest single “Muse” .


The trip across the ocean didn’t end there. Radio Killer set the tone for two parties in Miami, one in South Beach, and the other one in Downtown, along with resident DJs in Ibiza clubs, and with DJ Tavo, the DJ who holds the world record for the longest live DJ set in the world.

During one of these parties, Radio Killer had the suprise to meet with Paris Hilton. They captured the moment in a beautiful picture.


Immediately after returning from the U.S., the two young artists flew to Greece, the country where the project is very popular thanks to their single Mestral.

The two did not have very much time to enjoy the sea and the sun baths, as they filmed a new video. Filming took place in a resort still closed to the public, where a room will cost 16,000 EUR per night.

Although they weren’t there for fun, during the shooting, Radio Killer took advantage of the opportunity and drove a 1965 AC Cobra, 500 HP, Paul’s childhood dream.


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