What would the world be like without music? What would happen if the sound will disappear?

HaHaHa Production takes one step forward and launches a message that makes all the answers to the questions above unnecessary: Don’t let the music end!

Don’t let the music end is the latest release from Radio Killer, a powerful dance track that will make even the most skeptical listener jump up his feet from the first beat.

For us, everything begins with music: the will to live our dreams, the smiles we give and receive, the energy we need for taking the things we want to a different level, every day. That being said, who would want to stop the music? We don’t!” stated Paul Damixie and Lee Heart, the members of Radio Killer.

Directed by Iulian Moga, the video embraces the idea that music brings color in everything. If we want flirt, love, dance and the whole world to be surrounded by color, we must not stop the music. The filming took place in the Atlantis Studios in Bucharest and the most interesting part of it all was the multicolor rain of paint.

After two days I could still find drops of paint all over my body, but it was fun, it was worth it”, confessed Lee Heart.

To the present, Radio Killer reached first places in charts from Russia, France or United Kingdom with the previous single, Lonely Heart, becoming one of the favorite Romanian groups for international music markets. Moreover, the song was included on the BBC Radio One playlist, being the first DJ project from Romania that reaches this kind of performance.

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