Dear Killers,

We are getting ready for a Killer – Weekend, but we couldn’t wait anymore so we would like to present you a new musical surprise – a simple, but expressive video made for a lovely song, with a profound message:

Radio Killer means energy, fresh and dynamic sound, optimism, but – first of all – Radio Killer means passion for music 🙂

We chose to make a cover for one of Jessie J’s songs because… we both adore her! She is young and fresh, she has an unique voice, she is one of today’s coolest artists and she has shown us multiple times that she is extremely creative and definitely not afraid to reinvent herself as an artist. On the contrary!

“Who you are” is a profound song that sends out a powerful message: “It’s ok not to be ok”. This means that you should be honest with yourself and that you should stop acting like somebody else, because you don’t have to please everyone.

We hope that you will love our work and that it will impress you. Also, we would like the thank our good friend Serban Cazan, one of the most talented producers we have ever worked with and, as you can see and hear, an exceptional Piano Man!

Like it, Share it and Enjoy it!

Radio Killer



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